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Firstly, having pet insurance is a good thing! When my cat was diagnosed with diabetes, I was glad I had been paying $15/month (approx) over the past 5 years to cover all the blood and urine tests that would be required to figure out exactly how much insuline she required. Howver READ THE FINE PRINT! Petplan Canada (my insurer) sent me a notice 3 months after I started to make regular claims, stating that as I was in the top 8% of claimants for the year, they were going to drop my coverage from 80% to 70%.Now 8 months further, I have just received another (oh so) polite notice to inform me that I am being further reduced to 60% coverage.

Excuse the cheekiness of this review, however do shop around! Ask which insurer has the best claims record - they may not be the cheapest but perhaps they wouldn't be dropping my coverage now that I finally need their help.

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