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I have a Norwich Terrier and prior to him I have lost a dog that I loved so much, but due to vet bills and financial circumstances I couldn't help him when he needed to be operated and I had to put him to sleep. So when I got 'Beertje' I decided to do things differently, learning it the hard way. I got pet insurance after carefully reviewing I choose petplan usa, after 2 months I signed up, something happened to Beertje, he got ahold of anti-freeze and I had to rush him to the emergency vet. If I had waited another day they told me there, I would've lost him. I paid them and let them do whatever they needed to do to save his life. After the incident I notified petplan and they were absolutely wonderful, in the way they handled the claim. Even the people at my vet office were suprised how this insurance company handled everything. I filed my claim did the neccesary paperwork, send it over and they gave me a check after 3 weeks. I only had to pay my deductable (I have 0% co insurance) so now I can pay everything back. After receiving the check Andre (my husband) called my claim agent and told her how surpised and satisfied we are. I am from another country (Suriname)and ussualy my experiences when it comes to insurance companies in the US are not very pleasant, but I have not nothing but good things to say about petplan, they are in my opinion the best out there, hands down. I am telling everyone about petplan usa, who want to be responsible pet owners, a small fortune that should be paid if you love your pets, in my case it is worth each and every penny.

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