Above and Beyond Expectations - And I'm a picky!

Out of 10

After considerable research of various insurance companies (I'm obsessive about researching big purchases), I selected Embrace. I was not disappointed.
During sign up, as is typical of sales depts. pretty much everywhere, I received excellent customer service. When I had to ask clarification questions regarding how to best sign up my new puppy, the agent was patient, knowledgeable and pleasant. So far so good...

It was the phenomenal customer service that came later that really blew me away. I had problems getting my claim forms in, and the gentleman I spoke to was kind helping me sort that out. He also advised me about getting the puppy check-up form completed to decrease the waiting period before my new fuzzy friend was covered. And here is the cool part...

I left papers to be signed at my vet, and in spite of the very nice reminder calls from Embrace about faxing them in, hadn't yet gotten around to going back to pick them up. Here is the amazing part...EMBRACE CONTACTED MY VET DIRECTLY AND HAD THE VET SUBMIT THE FORM FOR ME! :) :) Essentially, being like, "Lets finish this file and make sure this client get's her refund in a timely manner... even if she is a slacker when it comes to paperwork." Wow.

They could have easily sat around letting my file get dusty waiting for me to complete my end of the paperwork, but they went above and beyond to make sure I was getting my check in a timely fashion. Thanks Embrace! You are efficient even when I'm not. :)

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new puppy forms and wellness
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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