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When we got our Shar Pei, we knew we wanted to get insurance for the little guy because we had heard stories about our friends' dogs getting hurt or sick and having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on their health care. We went with PetCare because PetCo advertises them on their website and we thought to ourselves, well, they've got to be good if PetCo endorses them. Man, were we wrong. We found out a month after paying that they do not cover Shar Peis for illness, even though I specifically searched for it on their website and made sure that they did cover them. If they didn't cover them, I don't know why they would allow me to buy the coverage believing that they did. When our boy got sick with Shar Pei fever, a genetic recurring condition, a short while afterwards, we couldn't recoup ANY of his fees. By the way, neutering is not covered either. Since he is now diagnosed as having a pre-existing condition, we can't get insurance for him with any other companies and now we have to pay for his hospitalization and care every single time he gets Shar Pei fever, which as I've said before, is RECURRING. Basically, we got screwed by PetCare and have refused to shop at PetCo just because they endorsed the horrible company.

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Posted: 03/02/2009

I also have a shar pei. He is 7 months old and he is starting to get sick. I was wondering which pet insurance did you end up with? Because I am confused for which one is best suited for my dog's health. Thank you.
Best, Lynn

Posted: 04/04/2009

They said they were not able to get other coverage due to the pre-existing condition.

Posted: 05/25/2009

Please check their Website again regarding coverage for Shar-Peis. It is stated multiple times and on many different places that NO ILLNESS COVERAGE IS AVAILABLE FOR SHAR-PEIs AND SHAR-PEI CROSSES. Its not hard to put disclaimers on their website. BUT IT IS hard to make a website STUPID PROOF