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I added a review to a pet insurance website a few years ago when I first got my dog Tucker because I was very impressed with Petfirst. And let me tell you he has been a "high maintenance" dog from the beginning and it hasn't stopped. I could write a book on his problems, as young, strong & healthy as he always seems to others, it is always something. Through it all they have been amazing! Unbelievably caring customer service. I couldn't even begin to say how kind and thoughtful they always are with any question. Great old fashioned personalized service, like you never find anywhere anymore by making a phone call. I depend on consumer reviews for my choices, so when I find a company that is wonderful I feel I should do the same. I hate that I have had to use it so much, but they have been a blessing to me and my dog throughout all his ordeals. I would say you can't loose on it, even if you are fortunate enough to have a healthy dog, the routine coverage pays you back a great deal already. And who can put a price on the piece of mind they give me for my ability to take care of Tucker.

I would call it priceless, but I can promise you even if Tucker had never been ill, I think it is a valuable thing to have. A small investment for a peace of mind. I am greatful everyday for choosing Petfirst.

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snake bite, mast cell tumor, leg prob, etc:(
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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