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I applied for VPI insurance the day after I adopted my requested I submitted the vet's "adoption" exam paperwork so that they could determine if there were any pre-existing conditions that would need to be excluded. The vet noted that we should "keep an eye on" his gingivitis yet but just something to watch. When I called VPI a month later bc they still hadn't sent me any paperwork for his policy, they said that they hadn't enrolled us yet bc they needed a "recheck" of his gums to demonstrate that he was "cured" of this condition so it wouldn't be an exclusion. I was pretty upset about this bc 1) there was no "condition", just a note from the vet to check his gums at every visit, 2)how can you have the dog "cured" of something he doesn't have, 3) they never notified me that his enrollment wasn't being processed over this. So I went back and forth with them for over a month, during which period he was treated for hotspots and ensuing prostatitis due to the steroids he was receiving for hotspots. They wouldn't cover this bc his policy was stil "pending" at the time he was treated while I argued with them over the gums thing (I even said fine, just exclude that condition, but they still wanted proof that he was "cured" of some condition that he didn't have). So of course, his policy enrollment was further delayed over the hotspots and prostatitis...they wanted me to demonstrate via another $60 vet visit that he was "cured" of the allergies that caused the hotspots in the first place - as far as I know, allergies are not something that you can be cured of. I can't believe I continued to deal with these people after all this (I had no idea there were other people providing pet insurance at the time) but finally after NINE MONTHS of going back and forth with them he was enrolled with exclusions on anything dental, allergy, skin or prostate I figured it was still worth it just in case he got hit by a car and needed major surgery or something. Not two months later he blew out his ACL and needed major surgery. They don't cover ACL injury in the first 12 months of the policy...why purchasing an insurance policy puts your dog at higher risk for ACL injury int he next 12 months is COMPLETELY beyond me but whatever. I paid for the surgery out of pocket, and then just 11 months into his policy he blew out the ACL on the other leg. I cancelled his policy after that...I am especially irritated bc if they hadn't given me the run around for so long in the beginning his second surgery would have been well after the first 12 months of the policy...not to say that they would have covered it - it wouldn't surprise me at this point that they would consider it a "per-existing condition" since he had done the other leg already, never mind the fact that he was on their policy when it happened. Don't bother with these people - it was a total waste of the hundreds of dollars in premiums - they never paid out a cent to me.

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