Rip-off artists!

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Just imagine that your own Blue Cross or other health insurance would pay for a condition until the annual renewal date of your policy, and then claim that your illness was a "pre-existing condition" (they claim that each year is a completely new policy!), and refuse to pay further. That is exactly what Hartville/ASPCA does with your pet insurance. In addition, they only pay 80% of the fee allowed in their own "fee schedule," which you bet your life is lower than what your vet charges you. Who would even think to ask these specific questions when enrolling? This company's advertising is misleading. They are unethical cheats. I gave the a rating of "1" only because there is no Zero option.

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Posted: 06/29/2008

I also gave the rating of 1 because there is no zero option. Same complaint. Litigation pending, they are the WORST.

Posted: 07/07/2008

Their policies are not approved as health insurance policies. You can't write health insurance policies on non-humans. You can only write property/casualty insurance policies on pets. Go ahead - check your State Depts. of Insurance - it's a P&C plan. States see pets as property. It's not what people want to hear but it's the truth. Now keeping that in mind, think of your pet insurance policy as your car/home insurance policies (not health) and your pet insurance policy works like your P&C policies do.

Posted: 09/30/2008

If their policies are not APPROVED as HEALTH Insurance policies, then why are they getting away with referring/alluding to their service as health insurance policies in all of their literature!!! I find it extremely misleading. Hey, if I'm buying pet health insurance, I look in the yellow pages under Pet Health Insurance. I had wondered what would come up if I Googled "pet property/casualty policy" and what do you know?, There were listings for Petshealth, VPI, and ASPCA!! ForeverAPetowner has a really great point but I myself need to plead ignorance of the law. I really wish that I had checked my State Dept of Insurance well before I ever started paying out those premiums for the past 8+ years, but I really don't see how a layman like myself could have known this.