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I recently purchased Embrace plus Wellness Plan, for my 2 year old Newfoundland puppy. As a giant breed, there are known hereditary issues that I knew my girl might come across as she aged and was looking for a plan that covered possible hereditary issues.I had an Orthopedic exam performed on 10.24,09 and submitted the completed exam to Embrace to reduce the 6 mo waiting period prior to coverage for any Ortho disorders - we received clearance for her waiver on 10.26.09, over the weekend. I also submitted the bill for the exam on the 10.24, and was informed today, 10.30.09, that it has been processed and paid according to her Wellness portion of her benefits.

I also had my vet submit her complete medical history to Embrace to get a better understanding of any "pre-existing conditions" that might come up within the next year that they might not cover.

But so far, so good! I have read my policy from end to end more than 20 different times to fully understand what is deemed "pre-existing","behavioral" etc. Embrace has been on top of all my concerns and has been in constant contact with me regarding the process. I will update after I hear back from them regarding the medical history review.

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Posted: 11/14/2009

Just wanted to update regarding the Medical History Review.
The process had been completed and there was only one thing that came up -- since I was aware of it, I knew it would be addressed. As far as Embrace's policy goes, if it reoccurs within 12 months time and goes undiagnosed or is related to the original diagnosis, then it would not be covered. If the issue reoccurs and is diagnosed unrelated to the original dx then it should be covered -- this was also explained to in the original policy docs.

The main reason why I purchased med insurance for our girl was for any diseases, accidents or issues she might develop
as she got older. I purchased the Wellness Add On for her yearly well visit expenses. This is reimbursed at 100% up until the max yearly allowance of $200. I know my yearly well expenses for her far exceed that amount, but it is good to get reimbursed for all that you can, especially since our wellness yearly premium portion is minimal.

So far so good, I am quite happy with Embrace.

My biggest hope is that we do not need to utilize her medical insurance for a very long time.