Stable rock in time of difficulty

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On a rainy day my 7 month old puppy was involved in a car accident causing two breaks in her femur and partial destruction of her hip joint. We rushed her to the vet who then referred her to a great surgeon and we began on the rocky road to recovery. Several thousands of dollars later, she is out of pain, happy and excited to go to her biweekly rehab session. Having Petplan made this experience bearable. They have been great the entire time, and have called to check on how Zoe is doing. Best of all, I never had to struggle with reimbursement with them. They have covered everything detailed in there policy terms. So all the medications,x-rays, surgeries ( she had to have two), and rehab they covered at 70% or better. For a quarterly premium of about $50, I would say that is awesome. I could never have made it through without them. Best Plan ever!!!!

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