Embrace Was Good Until I Tried To Rejoin

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Sure, it’s all roses until you cancel your plan and try to rejoin…… I was a satisfied Embrace client, having enrolled my pup with Embrace since the age of 4 months. Happy with the premium cost which was about $50 a month w/a $200 deductible for his breed/NYC. I was shocked one day to receive a waiver that required my signature. Essentially the waiver stated I understood if I signed, Embrace was not chartered in New York state and I would not be able to pursue an unpaid claims in New York state claims courts. Thousands of dollars in bills potentially unrecoverable? Not impossible scenario but very scary so as a concerned pet parent, I didn’t sign and switched firms. Went to Petplan. Am really unhappy with Petplan despite great reviews. Now I want to return to Embrace. Figure my dog is still young, Llyods of London is a reputable underwriter and all should be fine. Until, Embrace quotes me a premium of $89/mnth $1068/yr and informs me they WILL NOT be covering conditions they had previously covered since his coverage beginning at 4 months because my dog would be classified as a brand new customer with no history at Embrace (his medicial records would need to be reviewed as if he were never an Embrace client). Now, all the things that were NOT pre-existing in his policy since he was a pup are now considering pre-existing since I had taken a 3 month break from Embrace even though he had insurance coverage elsewhere with no claims. Really? I am outraged that Embrace is using a tec

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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