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We have our two 5 year old golden retrievers enrolled in the VPI superior plan. Jack, who we have had since a puppy, has been enrolled since about 6 months of age. Chloe has only been enrolled for the year that we have had her. Jack has had sooooo many health issues, it has been wellllll worth the money for his plan. He has chronic skin infections due to allergies (he's allergic to human dander, among other things), ear infections, hip dysplasia, mange, and has had pancreatitis. All of his illnesses except hip dysplasia (breed issue) are reimbursable, and believe me...we have used it. It even covered most of his allergy testing (skin test). We are now doing acupuncture treatments for his skin allergies, and it is covered as well (as long as a vet does it). I will say, however, that their 'reasonable and customary" amounts are always less than what i have been charged by my vet. My only complaint is that for our other dog, who we got as a 4 year old, few of her issues are covered because they were deemed "pre-existing conditions". We had to get her seen by a vet upon enrollment, and the vet indicated after examination that she had allergies and a few other issues that are now not to ever be covered. Those things were covered for Jack, because they weren't identified prior to enrollment. But we still keep her coverage just in case. VPI has always paid what they said they would pay- sometimes i submit things thinking they won't get covered but they do. I have never had to argue with them about a claim or anything like that. A $50 per incident deductible is nothing compared to a $500 vet bill. I have probably received about $1500 in reimbursements from them over the 5 years I have had a policy with them. So overall I am satisfied, just a little annoyed at pre-existing conditions and that their view of a 'reasonable' fee is never what i am actually charged by my vet. Advice: get your dogs enrolled young before problems arise, so they are covered!

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Posted: 09/23/2011

I agree with Carol above about the pre-existing condition clause. We have had VPI for our lab for 11 years with no issues. They covered everything and still are. She's still going strong but suffers from arthritis pretty bad. We recently rescused a shelter dog and put her on VPI right away. We had to submit a few claims and they have been fighting us on covering everything for this dog. When they saw the doc had written she possible "might" have skin allergies, they sent us a letter saying they will not cover allergies in the future for her. We didn't even submit a claim for skin allergies! They didn't cover her tail docking because I mistakenly put we docked it because of a cyst. That was just one factor in our decision to dock her tail. They said the cyst was preexisting, so we were stuck with a $200 tail docking fee when it clearly states in the policy that tail docking is covered. It's strange that they covered everything no problems for our first dog and now for this second dog that's a rescue, they are fighting us tooth and nail on almost everthing we submit. There are some other questionable, if not downright incorrect, decisions where they labeled it "duplicate" submissions for no reason where I took her in twice because her "tumor" grew twice the size. How is that a duplicate submission? Very strange. It's like I'm dealing with two different companies for two dogs on the same exact plan. I don't get it.

Posted: 03/02/2011

I would have to agree with Kelly. VPI has been great! My husband and I have 12 rescued dogs and certainly can not afford to enroll them all and at this point some of them are too old for enrollment (our oldest is 17)! I have had some of the younger ones on other pet insurances, but was never happy with any of them-especially the AKC pet insurance. I agree with Kelly that the $50.00 per incident deductible is very reasonable and I have always had great customer service from VPI. I (and Abby) love getting birthday cards from VPI. I keep them as a "keepsake". Thanks VPI! It has never been an issue for us, but I HATE that hip dysplasia is NOT COVERED. Any size dog can get that and it is just as common as some of the other conditions that Kelly mentioned-like ear infections. I, too, am always charged more from the vet than what is reimbursed and feel that the reimbursement prices should be up-dated. Given my past experiences with other pet insurance companies, I would say that VPI is the best and my vet has always recommended VPI to her clients. I would like to ask VPI to reconsider covering hip dysplasia as it is a VERY COMMON condition and also reconsider updating the reimbursement prices. Most vets do charge more than what is actually reimbursed. Overall, I am very pleased with your services and would advise other pet parents to sign-up with VPI!

Posted: 09/02/2011

VPI now covers hip dysplasia and Cancer treatments!