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My cat had a laceration that became abcessed in May. She was hot and lethargic on a Friday night so I had to seek urgent care which was 3 times the cost of my regular vet. I submited the claims and only 50% was covered because they were based on their charts which are rediculously low and/or outdated. DONT get this insurance. Policy also states it won't cover pre-existing conditions within 90 days. I brought my cat in 6 months later for a 2nd UTI and they called it pre-existing despite the "90" days in black & white. Only interested in the money not your pet. I urge you seek another company!

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Posted: 11/07/2009

May i suggest before you bash them looking into the rider they offer that negates that issue? Maybe if u (like me) had opted for that in the beginning you wouldnt have had that problem. i know my pet is worth an extra 9 bucks a month. oh and my policy says 180 days not 90 perhaps u should have read it fully to comprehend what the policy states?