Thank God for V.I.P.

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I purchased a young mini Dashund (Rosie) and promptly enrolled her in VIP's highest, to protect against the worst possible. VIP covered her annual check ups, shots & tests beautifully. At about 14? months, late at night, she gulped up a pill I'd dropped. She spent the night in our after hrs emergency vet hospital for safe measures and seemed no worse for the cause. VIP came through, a little short of what I'd figured. But my Rosie was well & alive. About a yr later she on leash in park, was attacked by a stray dog, drug into the lake and almost drowned. I ran her to the vet never thinking that they couldn't fix her. My son's wedding was the following day and I didn't get home early enough to visit the vet. I learned the following morning that my Rosie had passed on, mid day during the wedding. My heart was broken, but I knew that VIP would come through, expecting that I'd get back almost all but the $50.00 deductable. But I got back much less. One thing that I wasn't aware of, and all should be, is that once you take your pet in for something specific (Rosie's wounds & shock) and they develop a secondary problem caused by the first, like pnumonia, the 2nd IS NOT COVERED. VIP was most caring, and I did receive my refund about 5 weeks later. I now have another min Daschound -Ruby- now 2. Recently she picked up something strange looking in the park. As fast as I could get it out of her mouth, it wasn't fast enough. This happened on a Thursday evening. Friday she w

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