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I've had VPI for several years, and when I had to do some diagnostic work on my dog's back, they paid what seemed like a decent amount. Recently, however, she ate a quart bag of flour and spent about 24 hours in first the emergency pet clinic, and then in the hospital of my regular vet. It cost me about $1000, and VPI came though with $346, because that's what they pay for "gastritis and enteritis". If I had to pay more to keep my dog alive, that's my problem. I'm in the process of cancelling my policy with them and switching to a company that doesn't have a schedule of benefits. I'll be paying about the same now for a policy with a better company, and expect much better coverage. Unfortunately, my dog will have some pre-existing conditions now that the new company won't cover, but that's the price I pay for foolishing going with VPI up until now. They're also amazingly slow on claims, though I'd deal with that if they provided halfway decent coverage. Do NOT get a policy with VPI unless you don't really need financial help with vet expenses.

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