Foxtail embedded in nose

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One evening my sheepdog and I were relaxing, when suddenly without warning, he jumped about three feet into the air and began to sneeze violently. I knew that the only foreign body to produce such a clinical picture was a foxtail.I drove him to the ED, where the doctor examined him, but couldn't find the foxtail, I reluctantly took him home. The following morning, he sneezed out a blood clot. This time I took him to his regular doctor, where under anesthesia he removed the largest foxtail I had ever seen. He's been fine ever since. My medical bill was for $260.00, his ASPCA insurance covered 60%. I've have had several scares with my sheep dog, but thanks th ASPCA insurance, I don't have to worry, because I know they are there for my dog at any cost. He has been insured since he was a puppy, and I'm glad he is. I am very grateful, Thank you ASPCA you really care about animals.

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Foxtail imbedded in nose
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Old English Sheepdog

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Under a year

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