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We rescued Charlie from County Animal Control in November 2008. Charlie was about 8 months old and had been kenneled for most of his life.
When deciding to a cat, I spent hours and hours researching the available pet insurance companies. I put information into a spreadsheet, weighed pros and cons, and spent hours on the phone with policy representatives to zero in on the differences between the various companies.

In the end, I chose Pet Plan. I liked that you could adjust the per-incident deductible and the overall reimbursement rate. But even more so, I really liked the customer service representative that I talked to. I told her about our previous cat's death and how it devastated my family, both emotionally and financially. She reassured me about the coverage and was very compassionate and understanding about the decisions a pet owner must face when the bills are mounting and the prognosis is uncertain.

I signed on with Pet Plan in November 2008.

When Charlie got sick in July 2009, it hit us hard. He was diagnosed with a urethral obstruction with unknown debris. He appeared to be near death and required around-the-clock, intensive care. The bills mounted to be in the thousands of dollars.

We submitted the claims as directed, nervous because we suspected that we wouldn't be reimbursed. Pet Plan's policies seemed too good to be true. As the days passed, I monitored the claim's status online. After a couple of weeks, a determination was made: we were being

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urethral obstruction with unknown debris
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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