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After losing a cat to cancer last year and dealing with the bills, my husband and I decided to sign up for pet insurance when we adopted two kittens last September (2009) from a local shelter. He used this site to research options and we decided Petplan was best for us. It was one of our best decisions ever.
Sadly, one of our kittens became ill at only 6 months old (January 2010). We went through lots of tests to determine what was wrong. We went to a few specialists for more tests. He spent the night in an animal hospital, etc. At the end, after of month of medications and treatments, we went back again to the animal hospital, but they were not able to save him.

When this all started I had not yet had any contact with Petplan, so I didn't know how it worked or whether they'd really cover everything they said they would. I called with questions and always had a very positive interaction with their customer service. While processing our first claim the claims adjustor called with questions. By that point we had a second claim to make and our kitty had just passed away. The adjustor took care of both claims without me having to deal with the paperwork, and the payment came quickly thereafter. It was incredibly upsetting to lose our kitten, but it was a huge relief to know at least our financial burden was lessened.

Our other kitten is covered and I would highly recommend Petplan - the customer service has been excellent and they were there when we needed them most.

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