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I purchased the 2 pet preferred plan for my 2 year old shepherd mix dog and 7 year old cat. They paid for my cat's teeth cleaning after only having the policy for 5 days. Then about 3 months into the policy, my dog got a cancerous growth. I thought for sure I was going to have trouble getting the surgery paid for. I was wrong. They needed the medical records since the policy was so new, but they paid it. It took a little longer than the 2 weeks since I didn't give them the records with the claim and they had to call my vet. I guess that was my fault though. The paid just like they said. I got a check for over $900. I had to admit, I was surprised it was so easy. I almost went with another company since that was who my vet recommended, and I am so glad I went with pet first. You can't go wrong!

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