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We are big fans of VPI, and find them a pleasure to work with in every way. We have had policies on our two dogs since just after we got them, one for four years now and the other for three years. Perhaps because I also work in Customer Care, I really recognize and appreciate excellent Customer Service, and I have always found VPI to be exemplary. They especially excel in great communications, making it easy to fax in forms, sending e-mail confirmations, and delivering the claims checks or communications like clockwork. Now true, I am very diligent about filling out paperwork, but I find theirs to be so easy. It also gives us incredible peace of mind to know that our pups are covered for major situations. We carry the VPI Superior Plan and the CareGuard Rider (for annual vaccinations, etc.) and find the policies to be well worth it to know they're protected. Honestly, they're one of the best companies we have in demonstrating top-notch Customer Service, and we'd highly recommend VPI for your pets!

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