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Having this pet insurance made our decision for treatment for Lucy, our 5 year old boxer when she was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma. Her cancer was aggressive and stage 4 (out of 5). Chemotherapy was recommended as the "gold standard" and the only treatment they felt could be a longer term effective method. But the gold standard had a golf price tag with it. Had we not had the insurance, I'm not sure what our decision would have been. I am pleased to report that after 5 successful chemo treatments, Lucy has been diagnosed in complete remission. You can't imagine the excitment when we received this word from our doctor. Her side effects have been minimal to non-existent. The best part is that VPI Pet Insurance has paid 90% of every claim filed and we have received the checks in as little as 2 weeks after filing. Being able to fax the claims in makes this process even easier. There have been no questions or attempts to deny any claim. I could not ask for a better experience. We have had previous claims with VPI with equal results. Our 8 year-old male boxer, Duke, had a less aggressive type of cancer almost 2 years ago. The claims for this as well as his earlier surgery for a torn ACL were quickly processed and honored. We have the Superior coverage with the cancer rider for both our boxers. Getting this insurance was the best decision we have ever made! Considering 25% of boxers have cancer and all breeds tend to have certain inherent problems, having this insurance is smart for both owner and pet. Our boxers are our babies. We'd never think of not being able to provide the best care for them and VPI has made this much easier!

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