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We have been VIP policy holders for going on 10 years now and have never had a problem. I have read some of the reviews that were not favorable and have to say that I have never had a bad experience with the claims, the payments or the customer service. Some may say that I have been lucky....but I have had 6 different dogs insured (5 insured currently, one deceased nine years ago) and have had multiple claims experiences on every single pet with no problems. I have to think the people that had bad experiences did not read their policies, did not know what type of coverage they bought, didn't think to check the schedule of benefits before a surgery or medical procedure was authorized. We did buy the best plan that VPI offers so after a $50 deductible we get reimbursed 90% of reasonable and customary charges. I have to wonder if some of the people that felt they did not get paid enough bought the lesser policies that only paid 50%...or only bought coverage for illness and were disappointed when well care visits weren't covered. If you only bought illness/injury coverage the policy will not cover your heartworm preventative because it is wellness care! You have to know what you bought, you have to know how to file a claim...and most importantly...if you have a problem or feel it was not processed correctly, you should call and speak to them about it and find out if they will reconsider it if re-filed. I admit we take two of our older pets to a orthopedic specialist who charges way more than our regular vet and the reimbursement is not as good because this specialist charges what I consider an exorbitant amount for his services. But I know that going in and still choose that specialist for our two older pets with orthopedic problems. People, lets get informed and educated about our insurance policies. I will bet these same people that had all these problems with VPI probably have similar problems with their own health insurance because they don't know what kind of coverage they have (PPO, HMO,EPO, etc.) they don't stay in network, don't follow the formulary when buying prescription drugs...don't get procedures and tests pre-certified before they are completed...then blame the insurance company when they don't get reimbursed or the claim isn't paid the way they think it should be. Usually you get what you paid for so if you bought the least expensive coverage that VPI sells you are going to get reimbursed at a lower percentage than if you buy the best most inclusive policy they sell. By the way our pets, Prissie, Ben, Jerry, Stella and Sophia LOVE their VPI because they know they get the very best care money can buy. They give it 10 Paws out of 10 Paws!

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