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The very maladies that seem most prevalent in social pets are the very things that this insurance doesn't cover - parasites and their treatment. And unfortunately, the wording of the policy doesn't make that very clear. Just like children, our pets don't ask their animal friends if they have a health issue before playing together. There are toooooo many exclusions of treatment, and most are not clearly defined as such.
Additionally, the policy says that ALL FDA approved drugs are covered.Then they backpedal and tell you that even though it's an FDA approved drug, if it is for parasites, it ISN'T covered.

If you have a policy in effect for one pet and add another, there is NOT a significant reduction for multiple pets and THERE IS A WAITING PERIOD FOR THE NEW PET'S COVERAGE, even though an online check indicated insurance was active for new pet. NONE of the new pet shots, checkups, parasite checks and treatment were covered. And as a result of the new pet having common parasites, our "old" pet (18 months old) had to be treated for parasites and NONE OF THIS WAS COVERED. This needs attention. Parasites are contracted from feces and contact with other animals who are affected. We pay as much per month for two pets as we pay in health insurance premiums for one of us and we have far fewer exclusions. If we get a common cold or flu, we have coverage. If our pets get a common parasite infection, they DO NOT have coverage. This insurance is not a great purchase, but better than nothing. For the money, the whole exclusion concept needs to be reworked...

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Posted: 02/02/2010

Not to dismiss your concerns, Patricia, but I personally am not looking for someone to cover "minor" expenses. I'm concerned about the scary accidents, or swallowing something. I did notice parasites mentioned on the site while evaluating the plan.

Posted: 12/14/2009

At Pets Best we believe that one of the most important benefits we can provide to our policyholders is the promise of transparency. We want our policy holders to know what is covered and what isn’t, well before they ever need to use their benefits. We know that that the last thing you want to deal with in the midst of a pet’s medical problem is a surprise. Our exclusions are stated on our website and on the sample policies we make available on our website ( In addition, we send the policy form to new policy holders when they enroll their pets.
Like Pets Best, most pet insurers clearly exclude treatment for parasites from their policy. Because of the frequency with which pets contract parasites, most insurers have opted to exclude such treatments in lieu of having to increase policy premiums to cover these common maladies. Limited coverage for testing for parasites and parasite preventatives are included with Pets Best’s optional BestWellness plan that we offer for wellness and routine care.

FDA-approved medications are covered by Pets Best policies if they are being prescribed by a licensed veterinarian to treat conditions covered by your policy. Prescription medications used to treat conditions specifically excluded from your policy are not covered, whether or not they are FDA-approved medications.

Having waiting periods ranging from 24 hours to 30 days is another common practice of pet insurers. Once an insurance application for a new pet is approved by Pets Best, there is a 3-day waiting period for accident coverage and 14-day waiting period for illness coverage. This waiting period applies to new pets even if you already have other insured pets.

If you ever have questions or need clarification about what a policy covers (either before or after you purchase insurance), you should contact a representative of your pet insurance company to ensure you fully understand what is and isn’t covered. Most pet insurance companies will have a money-back guarantee so you have time to fully review and understand your policy once you decide to purchase pet insurance. At Pets Best, we have a 14-day money back guarantee.