Best investment I ever made!

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Both my pets have had unforseen health issues and if it wasn't for Pets Best I'm not sure what I would have done! My dog had a ruptured cruciate ligament (blew her knee out) about two years ago and needed surgery which wound up costing nearly $4,000. After paying my $75 deductible, they covered 80% of the bill! Not 80% of their "approved" charges, but 80% entirely! Then, if you can believe this, just last fall she ruptured her other knee, same exact surgery required, same results from Pets Best...awesome! Now about my cat. She has had three different occasions of requiring dental surgery for painful lesions and she's almost without any teeth now, but at least she's not in pain and neither is my wallet. Each extraction was costly and Pets Best delivered on their promise to pay 80% of the full charges, minus my deductible. I call my guys my million dollar babies, little lemons, ha-ha! But they are my most precious companions and I am so happy to know they have insurance to care for their medical investment I ever made!

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