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Our boxer Sadie just turned 8 on April 29th and over the past year has had her share of problems. Before VPI, we were on PetsHealth and waited months for reimbursements and those reimbursements were nothing compared to those from VPI. With VPI, I can put the vets charges on my credit card and get the reimbursement before the bill is due therefore never having to pay for the full amount of the bill out of my pocket. There has only been 1 vet charge that was way ouside VPI's reasonable and customary charge otherwise the charges have always been right in line with VPI. Sadie has one exclusion on her policy-allergies- because it was preexisting. We have the cancer rider and over the past year she has had 2 cancers successfully removed, one mast cell tumor and a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor. The cancer rider allowed us to get a larger reimbursement for those surgeries. Her first total bills for the MCT was around $1000 and we received all but around $150 back. The second surgery came to $1500 and we were reimbursed around $900-a HUGE savings. To us it is worth the monthly premium. I've only had to debate 1 charge they denied for a medication the vet prescribed for histamines being released from her MCT before surgery. VPI originally thought it was prescribed for allergies (her exclusion) but quickly reimbursed me when they saw it was related to the type of cancer she had. VPI has always been helpful and pleasant to deal with on the phone (something we didn't have with

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