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In 2001, my husbvand and I lost our black Lab, my husband knew how upset I was and he was the same after all Mickey was 17 years old. My husband started looking for an Australian Shepard, we found a litter of pups in our area and we went over to take look. We walked into the puppies cage area and I feel in love with this 6 week old female she was merle colored and had one blue eye and the other eye was half blue and half brown. Both her parents lived on the horse ranch with the pups. We tookher home with us and the next six years were a pure delite, everytime I went to the store and shopped I would pick her up a toy. When I would walk in the house she immediately had her head in the grocery bag to find her toy and would play with all the 300 toys she had and never chew them up. On December 5,2007 she stopped playing and eating, I immediatley took her to a veterinary hospital and unfortunately the vet misdiagnosed her illness. On December 19, 2007 I took her to another veterinary hospital and the Veterinarian there stated to me that he did not like what he was feeling in her abdomen and he wanted to do surgery on her. He asked me to go home and he would call me from the operating room. Three hours went by and I was about to go crazy when the phone rang, it was the vet and he stated that he was standing in front of Lillie and he stated that she had over 40 cancerous tumors along her back bone and in her bladder and her liver. He stated that to keep her from suffering

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