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We adopted Bella from our local animal shelter when she was 4 months old. She LOVED chewing on rawhide (which was a nice alternative to my shoes...), and when I tried a new brand that had a chicken flavoring, she gobbled it up! Unfortunately, the chew did not digest properly, and she developed an extremely serious case of pancreatitis that landed her overnight in the emergency room, with 2 more half day follow up stays at our vet. The entire procedure was quite costly, but happily our insurance covered about 50%. The ASPCA staff was very helpful in assisting me with filling out the paperwork, and answering my questions, and the entire claim was paid off in a matter of a few weeks. Veteranary care, as I've discovered, can be very expensive. I'm so glad that my Dad talked me into enrolling in a pet health insurance policy for our pets. His dogs were too old to be eligible for insurance when they developed ongoing conditions that continue to be very costly. I now have insurance for both of my pets. Thankfully Max, our other dog, has been very healthy, but I have peace of mind knowing that both Bella and Max are covered, and that we belong to such a caring pet health care plan. I recommend ASPCA highly.

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