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As with any company you will have negative and positive experiences. My experience with ASPCA has been positive thus far. I have 2 senior cats and a new baby. I only wished I had bought the insurance before on my two other cats, whom are now deceased. My cat Mandy developed liver disease and had I had insurance it would have help me with the costs incured with her illness.
Also my other cat Ember suffered from Lymphoma then kidney disease from the chemo treatments. If I had the insurance it would have helped, even though there is that little clause that states more treatemtn will not be covered with in a 12 month peroid after diagnosis. Even so any help would be great. I paid out of my pocket for her chemo treatments and kindey meds/treatments over 2.75 years at least $30,000. Had I had insurace that number would have been less.

I only wish that they come up with a way that the Vets can submit your claim for you with the reimbursement being sent to the Vets and where we pay a co-payment every visit. I do think that when this happens more and more people will purchase pet insurance

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