Thank Goodness for Pets Best!

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Let's face it, the majority of the population doesn't have several extra thousand(s) of dollars to throw around on people emergencies let alone pet emergencies. I can't afford to lose $2,000 or more to get my dog out of the emergency hospital knowing I won't get it back, but I can however afford $36.22 per month per pet and since I have two dogs I even get a discount! With Pets Best you get 80% back less your deductible and although it's not quite as high as some of the other insurances at 90%, according to my vet and based on personal experience these guys don't jerk you around, if you have a claim you submit it, and then you get a check or now you even get direct deposit, and you'll even have it before it's time to pay off that credit card you just racked up!! I'd rather sacrifice that 10% knowing that for sure I'm going to get my money back and to get it quick without any issues!!! Oh, and the customer service staff are friendly too, imagine that!! My dogs are not just pets, they are loved ones and part of our family and I would treat them just as I would a person and thanks to Pets Best I know I can actually afford to give my dogs the best care possible without losing my house and cashing out my retirement and selling off everything I own!!

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