Best Staff and Best Care for your Pets!!!!!

Out of 10

I just Started with Embrace and let me tell you they truly are the Best!! My Rufus a wiennie dog has never been sick in his life of 4 years and then on Christmas Eve 2009 there I was at the Vet's. and they covered the claim but then in January 2010 he had a broken tooth and I was in hospital also.So let me tell you Kate is the Best that Embrace has she is so caring and really concerned for "All"the pets.

People let me tell you I called Embrace to tell them what was going on and Kate answered the phone and like always very caring and very concerened for my Rufus I was in tears and Kate helped me relax and she was very caring and she was very concerned for my Pet.
Trust me Kate has a "Big Heart" and is there to help people with their claims and yes to just give a loving ear to those in need....God Bless Her.
Kate has gone over and beyond to help Me.

And Kate does a very Excellent Job.

Now for Carrie,
She has handled my claims and has been Excellent in this and has done all this while I was in the hospital.She has sent the Vet all the forms they need to fax over to handle the claims while I was in the Hospital.

And Best of all do get the direct deposit for your reimbursement on claims as it is fast and goes straight to your bank account without any fuss.......No waitting for it to be mailed to you...God that is a Blessing.
It was credited back to my bank account in just 1 day.

By far this is the" Best Pet Insurance" So buy this for your Loved Pets as We all Value or Beloved pets and want the Best care for them.

And Embrace will help with those Vet Bills.

And getting them insured by Embrace Insurance is the Best. Because you never know what is going to happen to them.
Trust me I have been through it with my Rufus.

Thanks for reading,

Barbara in Texas

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