Saved my pets and my sanity

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Having had dogs in the past with major, chronic health problems, it was always stressful to have to go into debt to pay for their health care or chose what I could afford to treat and what had to wait. When I got my new dog Molly and my cat Sly, I researched all the pet insurance companies I could find on the internet and decided on PetPlan. Their premiums were reasonable and they had a plan that fit my budget and expectations. It's wonderful to be able to concentrate on my pets' health and recovery instead of worrying about my credit card balance. I had three major claims between my dog and cat in the first year which were paid promptly, and the premium for Molly didn't increase for the second year and the premium for Sly only went up $3 for the second year. I recommend this company to all my friends with four-legged loved ones who don't earn a six figure paycheck.

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