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We have a Pet Plan Gold policy on our year-old lab. A month ago, he developed a severe case of gastritis that required emergency hospitalization. Happily he recovered fully. The bills totaled almost $1600. I initiated the claim on line while the dog was being treated and downloaded the form. That made it easy to get the required signatures from the vets. I submitted the claim as soon as we knew the dog was well. A check for the full amount, less the $50 deductible arrived about two weeks later! I couldn't be happier. I just purchased a second policy on our new lab puppy.

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Posted: 02/08/2010

At the Pet Plan website, in the quote section, after inputting the necessary info about your pets it gives a basic rate for $200 deductible and 80% reimbursement, and then allows you to pick your choice of 80%/90%/100% for reimbursment and also $50/$100/$200 for deductible. The rate recalculates automatically if you change any of the settings.

Posted: 01/26/2010

How did you get the 50 deductible option? I thought the lowest you can get is $100 deductible?