I am so grateful to ASPCA pet health insurance.

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As a senior living on a fixed income and a very tight budget, the decision to incur another monthly bill for pet insurance was a difficult choice. It meant giving up something I currently used (cable TV) for something I might never use at all. I decided I could live without cable, but not without my puppy if he ever was injured or sick. So I set about doing my homework ,and evaluated several different policies from leading pet insurers. I took my time, spoke to sales reps, did my research and settled on ASPCA pet health insurance. I recall the conversation with the rep that made me feel I could trust ASPCA to fulfill their promise to me and my puppy, papi, if I ever needed them.
This summer papi got very sick. I rushed him to the vet who said take him to the emergency room immediately. It was a frightening experience and I was very afraid . Needless to say the emergency hospital costs and follow up care was very expensive, and I really didn't know if ASPCA would cover the costs as I had never submitted a claim before, or knew any other pet owners who used this same company. I took a leap of faith and remembered that sales rep who made me feel I could trust ASPCA .
I'm not the most tech savvy person but following the instruction on their very user friendly app I was able to file my claim. I called a week after to talk to someone to make sure I had done everything properly. That person said things looked good and in order and I believe she said it took 4 to 6 weeks to process a claim. ( that's from my memory but I could be mistaken.) I recieved two emails saying my claim was still under review and I began to start to worry. The money I used to pay the hospital bill was my rent money, so I began to imagine worse things happening than just a sick puppy. Lol
Exactly 1 month from the day I submitted my claim ASPCA pet insurance approved my claim. I honestly can say I was quite pleasantly surprised and enormously relieved. The money was direct deposited into my account in less than two days.
Maybe in my old age I've become cynical and less trusting, but It certainly is reassuring to do business with a company that keeps their word. I am so grateful to ASPCA for paying my claim and for being so kind and understanding with me when we talked over the phone. I felt like they cared about me and Papi. Their actions certainly proved that they did. They kept their word to me. I trust them enough to tell my friends to take out policies with ASPCA. Thank you kindly.

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