Peace of Mind in an Insurance Policy? Yes

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We have a varied group of animal companions (or companion animals if you must), all of varying ages. We decided to try pet insurance and, after all the research we decided to go with ASPCA. We're really pleased that we did. We've been with them now for two years and will be renewing soon for our third. We have a variety of plans, because of the different circumstances of our pets, and we love the flexibility offerred that allows us to pick & choose. Every claim we've submitted has been either approved or denied within a reasonable period of time, and the denials were explained in clear language (usually just not part of the plan coverage for that pet). I am a medical professional and, frankly, if human health insurance was as straightforward as the ASPCA plan, we'd be in MUCH better shape!
A concrete example: Our Pomeranian had eaten something (or maybe too much food) and was having terrible listlisness, no appetite and no "output". We were able to face down her $500+ bill with relative calm as we knew some portion would be paid by ASPCA insurance. Would we have taken her in and had her taken care of otherwise - of course - did this allow us to do so without putting us in the poorhouse? Yes. AND we weren't forced to make a choice of who got care when, the same day, our 1 yr old shepherd turned up with a laceration on her face. I haven't used any other pet health plan, but wont be changing either. ASPCA allows us to go to our trusted vet, pays quickly and has f

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Shiloh Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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