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We joined VPI after hearing about it from a friend at church after our OES passed on and it ran us big money for his death and cremation (don't judge! he's home with us instead of in a landfill somewhere!). When we got D'Argo, we found out how important VPI could be, because he was in our home only a couple weeks and he swallowed a straight pin, sending us to surgery. After he'd recovered, we thought he got more pins, but it turned out he pulled the plastic tops off them and ate foil instead. The xrays were expensive, but covered (thank you!). With a dog like D'Argo, we really needed VPI and have been very grateful for it. Then my son brought home a kitten he and his girlfriend found in Pittsburgh...while she was beautiful and sweet, she came with a slight problem we didn't find out about for a month...intestinal parasites and six, maybe seven kittens that she was nearly at full gestation period with, and we found that pregnancy and breeding isn't covered by VPI. I feel that at least one pregnancy should be covered by VPI for all female pets, just to be on the safe side. While I'm not one for breeding multiple times (there are so many adoptable dogs and cats out there that are killed every day because there's no one to take them), I do feel that, should a cat or dog become pregnant, it be covered at least once. Emergencies happen, even with pets (the pups or kits can be large or turned wrong, and most humans aren't knowledgeable in how to help their pet birth their "c

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swallowed a straight pin & needed surgery
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