Don't Reimburse for Examination/Consultation Fee

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We insured our 9 week puppy for $34/mo. At 6 months our emergency room visit for an infection was $171. Trupanion claims they pay 90% of your costs, but they didn't pay for the Examination fee, ($85) [How weird is that!!] , so we were reimbursed $71. True, there is no deductible, but it is false advertising, in my opinion.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Poodle (toy)

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 09/13/2010

I apologize for the confusion, however it is stated in our policy, which is publicly available on our website, that examination fees are not covered. Excluding exam fees in our coverage allows us to keep your premiums low and cover 90% of the actual cost of treatment, diagnostic tests, medications with no payout limits limits (per claim, incident, year, or per the life of your pet).

Posted: 09/30/2010

I purchased insurance for my chesapeake bat retriever after she tore a cruciate ligament at 10months while play chasing with her friend an older dog. I had to take $7,000 of my savings to pay for and after researching insurance policys decided on Trupanion. So far I have not had to use it (good) because I dont want anything bad to happen to her but at least I feel safe that, if anything happens in the future, she will be covered. I have contacted Trupanion several times via phone just to check and they are always helpful and polite via phone. So I know my beloved chessie is safe.

Posted: 10/26/2010

I think your 5/10 comment is unfair because I do not believe ANY pet insurance covers visits to the vet. In Canada, even HUMAN doctor visits are not covered by insurance, they are covered by provincial health care.
Please rate the insurance companies fairly so that people like me who are researching the companies, can get an accurate perception of the company.

If you ranked them 5/10 for another reason other than not covering the ER fee then please note that in the review too.

Posted: 01/13/2011

Rosie, most of these companies do not cover routine vet office visits (annual physicals, vaccinations, etc.), except a few will if you purchase additional coverage on the policy. HOWEVER - when your pet specifically has an injury or illness that you go in to your regular vet to get diagnosed, there is at least one pet insurance company that DOES reimburse the exam fee -- and that's Petplan. Trupanion doesn't cover the vet exam fee for anything, be it routine, diagnostic or emergency. So while Trupanion has an edge of Petplan in a few areas, the same is true in reverse. I think Trupanion & Petplan are the best out there in terms of coverage, customer service and price -- however, there are some major differences and you do need to very carefully study both plans (here as well as other comparison sites, as well as by getting a sample copy of their policy) and see which is best for you. I have a 10yo Lab mix that has, up to this time, been covered via the awful VPI and we're gonna get new insurance, and I was torn between Trupanion & Petplan -- but the latter won easily because when I discovered they cover for hip dysplasia for new enrollees at ANY age, whereas Trupanion doesn't insure for hip dysplasia for any new enrollees who are over 1yo.