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I have five pets insured with Petplan. My thirteen year old Greyhound recently experienced an illness and I submitted his claim. This past weekend, I received an e-mail from the Claims Department indicating that Trevor's primary insurer was ASPCA and, without proof of cancellation, my claim would not be paid. I explained that there had been an overlap of coverage last year between the time my Petplan insurance had kicked in and my ASPCA expired, at which time, I submitted a claim (at Petplan's direction) to ASPCA first, then to Petplan after receiving payment from ASPCA. Subsequent to that, all coverage with ASPCA lapsed and there has been no further relationship. I have unequivocally stated that Petplan is my pets' primary and sole provider and had been since last year and that there has been no relationship with ASPCA since that time. Am waiting to have this situation resolved, but am not happy with the Claims Department's insistence that I have dual coverage and, by implication, am double-dipping.

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Posted: 02/11/2010

There does not appear to be any double dipping - just confusion that the other plan is no longer in effect!

Posted: 01/23/2010

It sounds like you received payment from ASPCA and are trying to get that same claim paid by PetPlan, that sounds like double dipping to me. If this is not correct then maybe your communication skills are the problem. If your insurance was expired why would you even consider sending them a claim ... and why would you receive payment form ASPCA? I don't blame PetPlan for requesting you provide proof of your situation.

Posted: 10/16/2010

Craig, don't think it is the writer's communication skills that are the problem...but your reading skills are the issue. Suggest you reread the complaint again. They no longer had ASPCA insurance when this issue arose. Try reading correctly before blasting double dipping is occurring.