Lola's Dietary Indiscretion

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My lovely little, almost 2 year old, boxer recently decided to munch on a corn cob that got very nicely lodged in all of the wrong places. She was vomiting for 2 days straight and so I took her into the vet, at that time not knowing the cause as she had been staying with my parents while I was away. The vet decided it was important to do an x-ray of what was going on, her belly was stuffed! He induced vomiting to rid her of the blockage and did a follow up x-ray to check if she was all clear. I submitted my claim to the vet's office who faxed it off for me the same day. 2 days later I had an e-mail in my inbox telling me that my claim had been approved and a check was in the mail. All with in one week of submitting my claim I got the check for the full amount (minus the vet check of course). It was very simple and my first claim. I am extremely happy with the service Vet Insurance provides, definitely worth the peace of mind!

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