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I wish I had acted on my instinct to get pet insurance when we rescued Calvin in April 2009. He was a goofy love everthing black lab mix who had been found roaming the desert of Eastern Washington . His dehyration had caused kidney damage so when I adopted him I knew he would need some TLC. He recovered very well with treatment. Then then end of October one evening he was acting off and obviously in distress. Off to the emergency vet we went. Surgery was required to discover he had had a duodenal ulcer that had perforated. He spent 2 more days trying to recover but he couldn't fight the infection and we had to let him go. Ofcourse you would do anything to save your pet, but having pet insurance would have helped with the $6000 bill.

In January 2010 we adopted Dexter, another goofy black lab mix. He's a healthy young dog with a propensity to eat everything that isn't nailed down. Shortly after bringing Dexter home I enrolled he and our older dog Gracie in the ASPCA pet insurance. Within a couple months Dexter got up on the kitchen counter and nabbed by kitchen sponge. A trip to the vet to upchuck that was my first claim. A couple months later, another sponge incident and another claim. Then a couple weeks ago while camping in Montana he ate 'something' he found in the campground. That was a little more involved and could have ended up in surgery but he managed to pass the offender. My insurance on Dexter has more than paid for itself already and I urge

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foreign body ingestion
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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