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When Izzy (a fluffy orange haired kitty) threw up all day and wouldn't eat, we knew it was time to take her in to the emergency vet. She couldn't get sick on a weekday, when her regular vet was available, that would just be too easy. After a physical exam and x rays, Izzy's naughty behavior became apparent--she had eaten a hairband, the things that had been expertly hidden from her, and which she must have found a place to expertly hide them from us. While surgery was averted, the night's stay in the hospital was extremely expensive, although well worth it. Once our claim made it into Trupanion, we knew within just a couple days that a check was on its way. You covered all but a few of Izzy's needed treatments and once our deductable was applied, we got over half of what we spent back. THis is why we have pet insurance--we knew at least one of our animals would have trouble along the way. It was easy to work with you and we recieved the money before the credit card bill was due. THANK YOU!!

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ingested a hairband
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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