Complications after castration surgery

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Tucker is our 10 Month old German Shorthair Pointer. Tucker had complications after his castration surgery. He had started to swell immediately after surgery due to excessive bleeding. Our Vet, that has 20 plus years experience, has never had to do an emergency surgery due to castration before. She rushed Tucker to surgery a second time to stop the bleeding successively. After further discussions with our Vet, we noted he bleed after having his toe nail cut, and it didn’t stop like it should have. He bleed to much as his IV was started and again after the Micro chip was inserted. Putting this all together our Vet thought it wise to do some bleed tests for any bleeding disorders. Thankfully all is well and all tests were negative. Which is really good news. Although we will be very careful, and watch for any complications after any injuries or surgeries, it was wonderful to rule out any blood disorders. Petplan was wonderful. They had given us a step by step plan, with the forms needed, to make a claim very easy to fill out. All of this came in our policy documentation when we first became Petplan members. They were incredible fast at processing our claim. Great Job Petplan, Thanks

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