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Anytime I spesk to Petplan personnel on the phone (in addition to through e-mails) they were extremely helpful, personable, and patient as they answered my many questions. I was so new at all of this, and had been through quite a bit with my dog's health concerns. I particularly appreciated and still do appreciate all the help that Michael Forget gave me. He has been a pleasure to work with.
It is a lucky thing that I purchased the health insurance when I did. As June of 2010 drew to a close, I was looking forward to spending a happier summer than the previous one had been with my now healthy doodle.
The very day I went on summer vacation (I am a teacher) O'Neill became very sick. He vomited his food and his water, and he did not relieve himself (other than through urination).
I immediately took him to our vet who tried some anti vomit pills..after 4 very long and worrisome days of these same symptoms with no improvement at all, I brought O'Neill back to the vet. To make a long story short, he had a blockage; he had apparently eaten the head off a stuffed animal which he found at his daycare (where he went twice a week), and it had lodged in his intestine. (the fact that he was not watched carefully at daycare - where he no longer goes - only added to the stress of the situation...but that is another story.)

O'Neill had to be opened up so that the offending object could be removed. He spent 5 days altogether at the Animal Hospital. I will never forget their kind

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