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We adopted a dog and got a 30 day free "gift" of insurance. Our puppy became sick with pneumonia after only 2 weeks of having him. This gift of insurance covered almost 90% of our bills for him. The reimbursement check came very quickly and I was excited to see that it was for $75 more than I expected!! I would never have considered purchasing insurance for my dog, but now we are reconsidering this.

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upper respiratory tract infection
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 08/23/2011
By: quickly as you can from this company. I am happy you were lucky enough to have your puppy treated and they covered it > Mainly your puppy is well. This company goes by so many names to try to keep the BBB from having claims against them.
If you buy a policy now that your puppy has had pneumonia it is now under their "rules" a pre existing condition and will not be covered for the rest of your pups life!!!!!!.
My dog had an ear infection and only 3yo and they never will pay for another claim for this again. I bought the best policy offered and really got ripped off
He was stung by some insect,in several places, they refused to cover it as Vet could not state which kind of insect stung him?
He was diagnosed by his Vet as having post traumatic stress but the said this was not a medical condition????
They are nothing but thieves....As others have suggested put aside the money you would waste on these useless insurance companies monthly charges it will get you some interest( instead of no coverage) & security of knowing your baby will get the care