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After having to dip in savings extensively to care for our cats in the past ( we were young and had to borrow out of our 401K to save our 5 months old kitten, which by the way lived to the good age of 19) we decided to insure each new kitten we now have from the minute we adopted them. Unless you have not experienced the hardship of having to choose between having insurance to defray cost, or having to deplete savings or having to borrow money or having the animal put down, you might not understand the peace of mind pet insurance offer. Most problem happens to senior pet and it might not make sense to pay for years "just in case" With the new, very expensive technology now available in veterinary science you know you will have a choice if faced with major problems. This insurance also covers, after having paid the deductable, 80% of annual check up, vaccination and mishaps that happens to young pets, like swallowing dental floss in our case. This insurance is not perfect (especially in case of prior conditions) and it is not the cheapest. In the past they were hard to contact with endless on hold wait to talk to a representative. We have seen huge improvements in the service departement especially with managing claims on line. So yes we recommand insuring your pet as soon as you get one, and in the end you will be so happy you did.

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