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Our dog, female ridgeback 1 year old had a lump on the neck. We have insurance through the VPI company and after we payed out 700.00+ and having the Vet. say the company has no reason not to pay, after looking through the policy, the company VPI, did not pay a red cent. The company said after reviewing the record that they (VPI) think the Vet. said it was an inkury or illness that incurred prior to the coverage. One problem with that, the coverage was in place and CONFERMED by calling the VPI company BEFORE any one even looked at the dog/lump/condition. The company VPI has no comment on that but still will not pay. We are looking into contacting the state's folks (CA) to look into this company. Not happy and Not impressed at all this the double speak we have been getting from individuals at the company. Very important also is the dog has the highest coverage we could get through the VPI company so things like this would not happen. Yea Right

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Posted: 07/20/2010

Andy, let me know how it goes. I would like to try to start something in Georgia. I feel sorry for People who get stuck from VPI's customer/reasonable schedule.