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I have never been more pleased with a pet insurance company than I am with Pets Best. I previously had experience with VIP and they were not as efficient and their "fee schedule" was not reasonable. The claims I received from Pets Best have always been what they advertised...they pay 80%. I have referred many friends and family members to Pets Best with 100% confidence that they will be happy and feel secure. We had a lot of turmoil with three of our pets this summer. One died of lymphoma and the other two had life threatening incidences. We felt reassured that we could give our pets the best treatment options since we had this insurance. Without it, we would have had $10,000 worth of vet bills that we could not have afford. I do not know what I would have done if I didn't have this insurance. I have more treatment options available for my pets. In addition, anytime I called to get the status of a claim or get information, their staff is always courteous and helpful. They send correspondence quickly via email as well. I was shocked to read the bad reviews because I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I am so grateful and pleased a company like this exists. Thank you so much Pets Best!!

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Posted: 07/25/2008

Seems like "Pet Best" got a sniff of a bad review, and felt the need to write something generic.

Posted: 08/11/2008

As the prior customer service manager and current policy administration manager for Pets Best I can assure you that the reviews posted on this site are not manufactured. At the end of every email correspondence sent by the customer service department is an invitation to this specific web site for current policy holders or inquiring consumers to post a review of Pets Best, be it positive or negative. We truely feel that their needs to be transparency in the reviews posted on this website, and we do our best to provide access to this site to anyone who may desire to post a review. Unfortunately we cannot control the manner in which individuals post to this website.

Posted: 08/16/2010

Have had wonderful experience with Pets Best until today - I guess Aetna will be covering pets under this plan now. I was told when I signed on that rates would not go up more a penny for the first 8 years. I was paying $69.14 a month for two shis tzus - age 3 and 5 now - I got coverage right away when I first got them as puppies, now the premium is going up to over $90.00 a month for the two. And the deductible is being raised from $75 per incident to $100. I have alwyas had good experience with claims being paid in a timely fashion etc. But the breaking of their word on the preminum cost not being raised - has done me for other coverage now. I do not have any coverage for routine care for either dog.

Posted: 08/18/2010

I have Pets Best and I was happy with their North Pointe Insurance and am saddened by the fact that they now have Aetna. I had Aetna insurance for insurance with my employer (thank god they are out now) and was so displeased with their coverage and service that it upsets me that its now Aetna. I maybe looking else where also for insurance. I definitely will not add my 2 other dogs due to the change in insurance companies