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We decided on Pets Beast after a recommendation by our vet. Our policy was $55 a month for our 5 year old chocolate Labrador, Hershey. Hershey had previously tore his CCL and we had it fixed to the tune of $4k and we were worried he would tear this other one. Sure enough, 1 year later he did. We had the insurance for a year also and they did cover his inital diagnostic test, but did not cover the CCL surgery. Why? Because they had paid for the diagnostic, anything relating to that condition is now "pre-existing". Shop before you buy.

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Posted: 05/04/2010

This posting is to clarify Pets Best coverage on cruciate injuries, including CCL tears. Our policies cover cruciate injuries at 80% after a deductible, when the injury first occurs after the policy has been in effect for 12 months. Unlike other pet insurers, we do not consider cruciate injuries to be bi-lateral. In other words, if a pet tears his right ACL, we will not consider a later tear of the left ACL to be a pre-exisiting condition. New cruciate injuries will be covered as long as they develop after the first year of coverage.
Depending on when a policy is purchased, cruciate ligament injuries that occur in the first year of the policy are either excluded or subject to a limited reimbursement amount. Although treatment may be sought after the first year of coverage, if the cruciate injury begins to develop during the first policy year, it will be excluded or covered at the limited reimbursement amount.

Posted: 06/15/2010

If your dog has been fine all his life but dislocates his kneecap an injury, they will say it happened in the womb.Even if the vet says he will write a letter the dog never had it before.