VPI is great for rabbits

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I insured my two rabbits through VPI two years ago. The reason I chose VPI was because they were the only company that actually had an insurance policy for rabbits. It was shocking to me that no other companies offered plans for rabbits! Overall, for the reasonable cost of the plan, I feel insuring my rabbits with VPI was a great decision. Although their regular and customary fees are not quite up to date for the exotic plan, I feel that the payout is fair based on the monthly premium. I typically receive 60-70% back of my submitted total. Claims are processed in a reasonable amount of time as long as medical records are received. One of my rabbits needed surgery and I submitted a claim for around $1200. Within a month, I received a check for around $800. Although I still had to pay $400 out of pocket, I would have never been able to afford his surgery without this insurance. I would highly recommend insuring rabbits through VPI. Although you won't get the full 90% back because of the regular and customary fees, it is still very worth it considering the fair monthly premium. Having VPI insurance allows me to do everything for my bunnies when they are sick without having to worry about vet bills.

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Over $1000

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Over 8 years

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