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My husband and I have been thinking for awhile now about offering ourselves as spokespersons for PurinaCare Pet Insurance. We have had pets of one kind or another since we were children, but two years ago, when we purchased our puppy, we decided to look into pet insurance. Bridget, our St. Bernard, was a happy, healthy puppy, and we had taken all known precautions to keep her that way, but last New Year's day Bridget became very ill and subsequently spent nearly a week in intensive care with pneumonia. During her stay in the hospital, it was discovered that she was suffering from laryngeal paralysis. Four weeks ago she underwent surgery to correct this condition. After her first stay in the hospital we submitted a claim, hoping to reimbursed for some portion of her considerable hospital and medication charges. A short time later we were very pleased to recieve a check from PurinaCare for about 75% of the bill. And there are still claims in the system. As retired people on Social Security, we were delighted and have encouraged everyone we know to look into PurinaCare insurance for their pets. Our Vet says that we sound like agents for Purina, but our experience from the beginning has been a pleasure. The Purina people we have interacted with have been helpful and pleasant and expressed their concern for Bridget's wellbeing. Bridget is still recovering from her surgery and celebrated her second birthday this week. If our experience is any example, we can not recommend PurinaCare Insurance highly enough. Thanks Feel free to contact us at

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