Slow, fight to get claims paid

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I will start with the fact that they do pay claims. You have to push and fight. Basic care move much more quickly. I had a very serious claim and it took 4 months and a letter to the BBB in order for them to get their story straight. The hospitalization was refused 3 times for different reasons each time. The claim review process needs to be addressed. My vet was so frustraited dealing with this company that he asked me to change companies. I am actually so frustrated with Pets Best I am willing to pay for an expensive pre-existing condition in order to change companies. This could have been prevented with a more proactive claims review process and better communication. The customer service reps are very nice and as helpful as they can be, but they are at the mersy of the claims department. I feel for them and tried not to take my frustration out on them. It is really sad how customer service has gone by the wayside these days. It would take a call from the COO and upper management to get me to renew my policy, but even then I want to keep my vet happy. My vet has let a $700 balance ride waiting on this money. I don't know any other vet that would do such a thing.

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