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We got VPI two years ago when we got our English Bulldog. We had heard from other owners that bulldogs don’t have a strong gag reflex, and they tend to swallow a lot of things whole. We knew it was a smart move when we had to pull one of his toys out of the back of his throat. We have been very careful with what kind of toys we buy him from that day on. This past February our dog began vomiting uncontrollably. We brought him to the vet and with x-rays they discovered three objects in his stomach and colon. We later found out that the objects were pieces of a hard rubber toy that had broken off. The entire three days of exams, meds, surgery, etc. cost us about $1600 total. We submitted our claim and received about $1300 back. Amazing! We also submit claims whenever we visit the vet for routine shots or exams and recieve some money back, which helps. I recommend VPI to anyone with a pet. Our dog is like a child to us so we’ll do anything to protect him.

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